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The Art of Fastening
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The Art of Fastening

HONSEL is your strong partner when it comes to fastening technology for industry and trade. Made in Germany. Manufacturer for 90 years.


Power for pros: AMPShare is the shared battery system that lets you run many tools from many pro brands with just one battery – powered by leading battery technology from Bosch Professional.


Electric and hybrid vehicles require safe and reliable fastening solutions. As an automotive supplier, HONSEL has developed products that are now used in the series production of e-vehicles.

Everything from a single source

We offer industrial customers individual concepts for optimizing fastening technology in the manufacturing process.

We are a reliable supplier to the specialist trade and provide support in all matters relating to fastening technology.

We develop and produce high-quality fasteners and suitable processing solutions.

Group of fasteners: Blind rivets, blind rivets studs and -nuts, coils and self clinching parts

The perfect connection

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New Products

RIVET NUT „headless“

  • Protusion 0 mm
  • Flush mount in smooth bores

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COIL „cone“

  • tab-free
  • Installation Space Savings (Reduction)

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Battery powered setting tool for blind rivets Rivdom eBZ 1
30 blind rivets in 60 seconds!


  • The new battery riveter for blind rivets up to 5.0 mm
    Small. Very strong. Very fast.
  • 30 blind rivets in 60 seconds!
  • The ideal tool for industrial series production.
  • Book a demonstration: online or on site

Product news

Battery-powered setting tool for blind rivet nuts and studs

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