Code of Ethics and Conduct

Corporate principles on responsibility, anti-corruption, conduct and ethics

Adherence to the principles of ethics is crucial for long-term economic success. This implies fair dealings with one another and conduct in accordance with the relevant standards in our day-to-day business. We regard the success of our customers as the key to generating long-term and sustainable business success, and consider it to be a matter of course that the needs of all our stakeholders are satisfied.

The board of management bears the responsibility for establishing a sustainable corporate strategy and for its implementation. Integrity and the adherence to public law and ethical principles are key elements for preserving the authenticity of our company.

In combination with the management principles, such as the quality, safety and environmental guidelines, standards and policies have been defined that ensure respectful and dignified treatment of our staff, safe working conditions and a sustainable approach to the environment.

This Code of Conduct contains the following

  • How our board of management meets its responsibilities
  • How we work together with our employees and colleagues
  • What conduct our customers can expect of us
  • How we work together with our suppliers
  • How we conduct ourselves in public and with respect to the environment

Every director and every single employee is personally responsible to adherence to the present Code of Conduct. The conduct of our management staff has a model character, because they exemplify the principles of conduct and promote these in every situation.

Human rights

We respect and promote the dignity of every person and advocate the protection and observance of international human rights. It goes without saying for us that we do not employ child labour and reject all forms of forced labour. We do not tolerate any working conditions that are in conflict with international or national laws and practices.


We do not apply any form of discrimination in the recruitment, remuneration, further qualification possibilities, promotion, dismissal or retirement on the grounds of race, ethnic origin, gender, age, marital status, religion or belief, a disability or pregnancy, sexual orientation or membership of a political party of our employees, and naturally expect our employees to resolutely oppose any such discrimination.

Disciplinary measures

We resolutely oppose the use of physical punishment, mental or physical coercion or verbal abuse.

Motivation and further training of the staff

We consider motivated employees and their identification with the goals of our company to be a key factor for our success. Particular importance is attached to the furthering of our employees. We focus here in particular on job-specific further training applicable within the company and the development and promotion of future management potentials.

Health and safety

We provide a very high level of protection for the health and safety of our employees by ensuring a safe and healthy working environment. Every single person contributes to ensuring a safe and healthy working environment by observing the safety regulations applicable within our company.

Observance of anti-trust and competition legislation

Our high-quality products, customer orientation and dependability enable us to measure ourselves openly and fairly with the competition. We do not engage in any form of unlawful or criminal practices, such as bid-rigging, which exclude, restrict or distort competition.

Conflicts of interests and bribery/corruption

All our employees avoid situations in which their personal or financial interests conflict with those of the company. They are forbidden in particular from holding participating interests in competitors, customers or suppliers or from entering into business relations with them on a private level if this could lead to a conflict of interests. Such a conflict is always present if the type and scope of a participation could in any way influence the employee’s actions in performing his/her duties for our company. Our employees clearly distance themselves from requesting, accepting and receiving unjustified or unlawful benefits that could influence business decisions or transactions. Furthermore, none of our employees will offer to or obtain unlawful benefits for business partners, their employees and/or other third parties during business transactions of any kind, nor will they undertake any attempt or reach any agreements to this end.

Protection of assets and confidentiality

Every single person is expected to protect the material and immaterial assets of the company, to treat company and business secrets and customer-related business information confidentially, and to observe the applicable principles of data protection.


We have high expectations of our suppliers and require that they observe the same strict principles that we apply ourselves in the conduct of their business, and in particular in the treatment of their employees.

Environment and recycling

As a company in the field of fastener technology, we have a commitment to nature and the environment. We protect our environment by keeping our machines and plants up to the state-of-the-art. Every employee contributes to this by ensuring that high-quality products are manufactured using environmentally friendly processes; this also implies the responsible use of energy.

Social engagement

We expressly honour our responsibility as citizens of the communities in which we conduct our business, and we are committed to open communication with all authorities as well as social and public interest groups.


The present Code of Ethics and Conduct has been approved by the board of management and brought to the attention of all employees. Our employees abide by the Code without exception during the exercise of their duties. In certain regions, countries or functions, stricter or more detailed directives may apply, but these are always consistent with these corporate principles. Questions concerning the application or interpretation and notifications of possible infringements are addressed to the respective superior.

Measures in the event of non-observance

Conduct, practices or activities by employees which contravene this Code must be corrected and are subject to disciplinary measures. Depending on the severity of the infringement and prior history (e.g. repeated infringement), this can lead to a warning, caution or even dismissal.

Should suppliers or other business partners not adhere to the directives, this would be discussed with the supplier/business partner with a view to remedying the situation. Depending on the severity of the infringement and prior history (e.g. repeated infringement), this can even lead to a termination of the business relationship.

If employees, suppliers or other business partners of HONSEL Umformtechnik GmbH infringe the rule or their conduct gives grounds for concern, the board of management (info[at] should be informed without delay.

Complaints and information

In the event of complaints or indications of possible infringements of this joint declaration, every employee can approach his/her superior directly or can report the infringement to the board of management of HONSEL Umformtechnik GmbH who will treat the report confidentially, on request. Employees who report a possible violation of law or the infringement of this joint declaration in good faith therefore have no reason to fear any disadvantages.

Honsel Umformtechnik GmbH

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