HONSEL Umformtechnik GmbH can look back on a tradition that started in 1930. The company is a leading producer of cold extruded parts. We have always succeeded in foreseeing product cycles and in developing new products in good time.

Our core competence today lies in the production of cold extruded parts with bores made from wire, starting from semi-tubular rivets to DIN standards through to complex tubular parts with multi-step bores made to customers’ specifications. We are also among the world leaders in the field of riveting technology. The breadth and depth of the whole rivet product range at HONSEL Umformtechnik GmbH is unique. We have experienced and qualified personnel, vast know-how in the manufacture of our products as well as a modern machine park with single and double-blow headers and multistage headers. We have our own sales offices in France and Neumünster. We export to over 40 countries. Our success on the market depends on how our customers view our products and services by comparison with their expectations and by comparison with our competitors. Under the conditions of competition today, we can only fulfil their expectations by supplying high-quality products at all times.

And quality is defined by our customers. Quality embodies the suitability for the intended purpose and the reliability of our products, the technical support, delivery punctuality and other services with which we help the customer to solve his problems. The associated expectations and demands are subject to continuous change. It is therefore not sufficient to simply meet minimum requirements. We strive for a continuous improvement in quality while at the same time developing existing products further. It is for this reason that we have introduced Kaizen as a central element in our company. An important core aspect of our quality policy is the development of new products that safeguard the future of our company.

The environmental compatibility of our products and production methods is today equally as important as their reliability. Our customers – from the automotive industry, for example – ask for this information and assess us also from this point of view. But it is also important that we motivate ourselves to assume greater responsibility for the environment. The special site conditions of our production facility with its proximity to the Ruhr river and the water protection zone oblige us to be very careful in our use of oils, cleaning agents and emulsions. Conservation of resources – whether material or the use of water and energy – continues to have a very high priority for us: the results from the systematically organised environmental management process offer both ecological benefits and economic opportunities here. The topic of energy consumption will become a new area of focus in the coming years. The first implementation steps have already been taken, such as the creation of transparency on energy consumption. Many of the processes initiated as part of environmental management start in Purchasing, which therefore helps to meet environmental and health and safety criteria in cooperation with the technical departments.

All the measures to reduce noise, dust and aerosols that we aim to specifically promote as part of the environmental protection process serve to improve the direct environment at the place of work. Our special machine engineering that gives particular emphasis to this aspect by focusing on health and safety aspects during development and production also forms part of the environmental protection process.

The Board of Management of HONSEL Umformtechnik is therefore committed to always defining the economic goals in the light of the demands for sustainable environmental protection. Our products (rivets and machines), our production and our consultancy services (for the customer) are constantly assessed with respect to environmental protection aspects. The starting point for our business activities is compliance with the relevant laws and regulations; we therefore keep an up-to-date schedule of legal provisions in order to keep abreast of changes at all times.

The Board of Management provides the necessary means for implementing and maintaining the integrated management system and expects the active participation of our employees in line with this integrated corporate policy. We have published our ‘environmental guide’ and make access to the Intranet available in order to keep all our employees continuously and thoroughly informed.

The suggestions for improvements from our employees and customers are systematically recorded and followed up as part of our improvements suggestion scheme.

Furthermore, defect costs play a very important role. Our goal is to constantly reduce costs, in particular the defect costs. But a reduction in costs must not lead to a reduction in quality. Cost reductions will help us to maintain our leading position on the market and to safeguard our jobs.

We have to understand that quality assurance and corporate environmental protection is not the responsibility of a few specialists – it is the responsibility of every single employee. Because mistakes occur as a result of a lack of knowledge or a lack of attention, quality and corporate environmental protection can only be safeguarded through training and constant further qualification.

As part of our projects, we have defined parameters to enable us to constantly measure the results of our efforts for continuous improvement (quality and environmental protection). These include in particular:

  • Sales and order intake
  • Delivery deadlines and production backlogs
  • Inventory developments, incl. work in process
  • Machine / personnel capacities
  • Defect costs
  • Resource-related indicators (consumption of energy and process media in relation to the products)

By monitoring the above parameters, through regular internal audits on quality and environmental protection and an annual joint review, the Board of Management is kept informed of the effectiveness of the integrated systems and will, if necessary, initiate corrective measures. This corporate policy will be made available in suitable form to the interested public, our contract partners and any other interested parties.

In order that the corporate policy can be effectively implemented, the Board of Management is committed to providing all the necessary financial and personnel means.

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