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More than 90 years in connection with a product let it become a real passion. Every Day. The results are paricular specialties and innovations, continuous improvements and developments. Frequently parts and properties of an individually designed product or complete special parts are integrated in our standard range and help to improve this and make it unique.


Many ideas and products are based on requirements for example from the automotive industry or excellent suggestions from our customers out of their daily business. This often leads to the last detail of optimization potential.

Special solutions and adaptations are often the basis for new fasteners, which gets ready to serial production after extensive tests and adjustments.

Multigrip blind rivet nut

One blind rivet nut for all grip ranges. The innovative and patented development of the HONSEL-group was the first mass-production multigrip blind rivet nut. The product has a lot of advantages over the common standard types:

  • reduction of storage and failure costs
  • reduction of delivery times
  • reduction of item diversity
  • no mixing of different grip ranges

OPTO® Multigrip blind rivet nut

Multigrip blind rivet nut OPTO®

Blind rivet nut "Hochfest"

HONSEL's "HIGH STRENGTH" technology enables the carrying capacity of the thread to be increased greatly. This facility ensures that when mechanical overloads occurs, a 12.9 strength class screw ("HIGH STRENGTH" steel) or an 8.8 strength class screw ("HIGH STRENGTH" aluminium) fails much sooner than the HONSEL nut. This provides greater security in all applications where heightened mechanical specifications are required.

Blind rivet nut "HOCHFEST"

Structural blind rivet nuts

Sealed blind rivet CERTO®-PERFECT

The sealed blind rivet for special needs. The strong CERTO®-PERFECT sealed blind rivet forms a large and smooth closing head by its special clamped rivet sleeve. This head makes sure that the danger of pull through in case of oversized bore holes can be reduced to a minimum. Additionally the tightness in standing water is increased significant.

Sealed blind rivet CERTO®-PERFECT

Sealed blind rivet CERTO®-PERFECT

Blind rivet nut with sprayed seal

Based on the increasing demand of gas- and waterproofed fasteners with threads, HONSEL developed a closed end blind rivet nut with an additional seal made out of automotive certified material that combined these requirements with the advantages of an economic and process secure machining.

The sprayed and embedded seal on the bottom of the head guarantees a much better form closure than conventional o-rings. The hexagon shaft avoids any risk of rotation and offers higher clamping forces. An additional large head with a great bearing allocates of the forces on soft materials equally.

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Blind rivet nut with embedded seal on the bottom of the head

Rifbolt blind rivet studs

In addition to the crimped standard blind rivet studs, HONSEL develops and produces variants with a wide variety of special thread shapes, additional seals or partial scratch protection.

Customized blind rivet studs

Blind rivet stud with scratch protection


Our processing tools are always based on the highest customer requirements. This applies to the professional craftsmen with battery riveter or hand tool just as much as to the user with pneumatic-hydraulic tools in industrial serial production.

Robust and reliable, low-maintenance and easy-care, user-friendly, ergonomic and tailored to particular products and applications if required.

Battery-powered setting tool for blind rivets

RivSmart. Very small, very light and a pioneer in the field of networked processing of blind rivets. Already ready for series production in 2017 and directly awarded the "Route to Fastener Innovation" award at the Fastener Fair, RivSmart is now integrated into many industrial production processes and equipped with extensive process-supporting functions.

RivSmart eBZ ZERO S

Battery riveter RivSmart

Battery-powered setting tool for blind rivet nuts and studs

Mobile, flexible and unrestricted processing of blind rivet nuts up to M12!

Rivdom eVNG 2 gets to grips. Uncompromising. The new HONSEL battery riveter now offers the ultimate solution for cordless settings of blind rivets nuts and studs. 

Rivdom eVNG 2

Battery powered setting tool Rivdom eVNG 2

Electric-hydraulic setting tool VNG 950

Electric-hydraulic setting tool for stationary automated or hand-held processing of blind rivet nuts and studs.

Perfect combination of high setting force, slim design and low weight. The narrow design allows a small centre distance for modular design.

VNG 950

Electric-hydraulic setting tool for blind rivet nuts and studs VNG 950

Pneumatic tool for blind rivet nuts and -studs VNG 703

The force-controlled tool is perfectly suitable for fast handling of large numbers in serial manufacture. The regulation through adjusting the necessary setting force guarantees that the blind rivet nut is always set in an optimal and material-preserving way.

At the same time the VNG 703 features an user-friendly conception and easy-to-use handling. The switch from forward to backrun is extremely quick. Through light pressing in the mandrel the blind rivet nut is screwed on and after working scewed off automatically. The VNG 703 is the ideal tool to handle the patented OPTO multigrip blind rivet nut.

VNG 703

Pneumatic tool for blind rivet nuts and blind rivet studs VNG 703


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