Automated warehousing

Always well packed

Even the best goods are only worth half as much if they are not available in sufficient quantities at the right time. That is why we attach the greatest importance to the reliable delivery of the ordered products – whether straight from production or from the constantly well-filled warehouses at all the sites of the HONSEL Group!


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Parcel shipments per year


Pallet transports per year

In recent years, HONSEL has invested in a broad packaging and logistics infrastructure. The most recent example is the newly built Works III with a further 2500 m² of space at the Fröndenberg site. A new warehouse management system with synchronised communication between stock management and ERP system was introduced there, together with the “goods-to-person” principle in order picking.

Backed up by a narrow-aisle stacker system designed for semi-automatic positioning, the finished products are buffer-stored there and prepared for dispatch according to the order requirements. In addition to greatly improved inventory and process reliability in day-to-day operation, a high order picking performance was achieved with reduced labour.

Thanks to modern packaging capacities at all the sites, HONSEL is able to provide practically any packaging required – from the simple standard packaging up to customised special packaging. Even for very high volumes in the shortest of time!

- Cardboard packagings in any form.
Small packagings with Euro hole, various standard sizes, large packagings for loose bulk goods.

- Customer packagings
We also fill cardboard boxes with the customer’s design.

- Small load carriers (KLTs)
Standardised plastic transport and storage boxes specified or supplied by the customer.

- Bag packaging
e.g. as product enclosures or service kits

- Kanban systems
Together with our trading partners, we deliver to a wide range of different Kanban systems in industry

Logistics means more to us

- Long-standing logistics partners for parcel and pallet goods for punctual and smooth handling during transport of the shipments.

- of course with delivery next day, if necessary.

- Clear identification.

- EDI and other data interfaces for smooth communication with customers and service providers.

Readiness for delivery

The seamless availability of our products has the highest priority at HONSEL - also and especially in times of fragile logistics chains and tense primary material markets.

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