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In addition to a large number of social and local activities, HONSEL also continuously supports various projects with products or technical assistance. Whether fastener or setting tool, our sales teams and application consultants are passionately committed to finding the best solutions even in the non-profit sector.

Thor Heyerdahl

The Kiel-based three-mast schooner, “Thor Heyerdahl”, was launched in the Netherlands in 1930 as a freight motorsailer and was converted into a sailing ship with the rigging of a topsail schooner between 1979 and 1983. Since then it has served as a floating educational facility for teenagers and young adults.

During a later general overhaul and maintenance, VVG/HONSEL supported the under-deck outfitting with stainless steel blind rivets.

Thor Heyerdahl

Team Stealth Motorsport

The local Stealth Motorsport Team is currently making a name for itself in sprint racing with a cult E36 Series BMW.

HONSEL riveting technology has made it possible here to significantly reduce weight and service time – true to the motto “riveting rather than bolting”.

IAT - Institute of Aerospace Technology

At the Institute for Aerospace Technology at the University of Bremen, the Aquasonic II sounding rocket was developed as part of a student experimental rocket programme of the German Aerospace Centre and manufactured using HONSEL blind rivets.

Launch speed of the hybrid-powered rocket, which is over five meters long and weighs 91 kilograms: Mach 1.2!

IAT – Institut für Aerospace-Technologie