Consistently faultless and good

When quality assurance targets need to be defined, 100% control and 0 ppm strategies are the challenges a company must face up to today. In recent years, HONSEL has made huge investments in this area. An exemplary QA process has been developed. This is underlined by certification according to ISO 14001 and IATF 16949:2016.

An essential ingredient of the HONSEL QA strategy is the use of optoelectronic inspection machines. HONSEL employs a great number of these installations, and therefore has the capacity to provide 100% inspection for very large volumes.


The HONSEL experts from all the departments in our company are at your disposal with advice and assistance and will be happy to support you in meeting your requirements. Ask us!


HONSEL automation has development and production operations at its Fröndenberg facility. Every single step of the production process, from the customer briefing to the initial CAD-designs, the prototypes and the ready-to-manufacture products


The guiding principles are our compass and form the basis for our guidelines and behaviour within HONSEL Umformtechnik.