Honsel blind rivets

Blind rivets are one of the most extensively used fasteners worldwide. An almost endless diversity of types, sizes and formats ensure solutions for all applications. For years, HONSEL has focused primarily on the manufacture of non-standard blind rivets.

These blind rivets can be used for example as spacer bolts, or as profile blind rivets they offer additional attachment possibilities. Primarily in safety-related fields of application, non-standard blind rivets are frequently the standard for problem solving.

ALFO® – The Classic

The designation ALFO® stands for a range of products from the open HONSEL standard blind rivet that are available as flat head, countersunk head or large head rivets. It covers the versions and special types described in DIN EN ISO 15977 to 15984 as well as 16582 and 16584.

OPTO® – The All-rounder

Thanks to its design, the OPTO® multi-range blind rivet with specially embossed rivet shaft has a number of outstanding functional properties such as a large clamping range, excellent bore filling properties and positive locking of the mandrel inside the head.

CERTO® – The Leak-tight

Thanks to their cup-shaped rivet sleeves, CERTO® sealing blind rivets are the specialists when it comes to liquid-tight riveting. Thanks to this special design, the breakstem is also captive. The rivet forms a smooth, burr-free blind head and is suitable for automatic riveting.

FERO®-BULB – The Strong

HONSEL FERO®-BULB blind rivets have been among the high-strength blind rivet types used in large quantities particularly in motor vehicle construction for many years. They guarantee very high shear breaking forces, a large blind head, are dust and splash water-proof and allow high tightening forces on parts.

FERO®-BOLT – The Secure

FERO®-BOLT plane shaft breakage blind rivets are the high-quality connecting element for a vast array of industrial applications where particular attention is paid to the safety factor. Thanks to its design, the rivet is able to take on a load-bearing function.

Setting tools

Cordless battery riveters and pneumatic tools from HONSEL

Setting tools


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