RIVET NUT "headless"

The HONSEL RIVET NUT "headless" can be used in existing and new applications. The blind rivet nut can be flush mounted in smooth bores without countersinking. The omission of the "countersink" process of the hole realizes enormous potential for savings. Due to the 0 mm protrusion, components can be mounted without interfering edges or slide over one another without obstruction.


  • Flush mount in smooth bores
  • No countersink required
  • Protrusion 0 mm
  • No interfering edges

Standard countersunk blind rivet nut in a smooth bore; Protrusion approx. 0.4 mm.

HONSEL RIVET NUT "headless" in a smooth bore; protrusion 0 mm.


Existing HONSEL standard installation tools can continue to be used. The use of manual hand-held setting tools, pneumatic/hydraulic setting tools and battery-powered setting tools is possible using an adapted mouthpiece. HONSEL has developed and tested the "headless" blind rivet nut in size ranges M6, M8 and M10.

Battery-powered setting tool for blind rivet nuts and -studs Rivdom eVNG 2