HONSEL powertrain fastener (HPF)

Captive screws have become an integral part of modern fastening technology. System suppliers are able to deliver pre-assembled units just in time to the production lines of the OEMs. This creates huge savings potential in terms of logistics, assembly and quality costs.

With its new products from the HPF-line HONSEL has created a portfolio that meets the high standards of automotive production. Key element to this development is the consolidation of all production steps inhouse as well as over 90 years of experience in working with automotive customer.

  • inhouse production of cold-formed screws, sleeves and plastic parts
  • as a result individual combinations of sizes, thread types and pitches can be realized
  • inhouse assembly of all components
  • global availability because of own plant in Wuxi, China
  • 100% inspection of the finished products
  • development of customized solutions up to the manufacturing of prototypes possible
  • individual solutions for automated assembly available


has been specially developed for use in plastic modules. Apart from the preassembly possibility for the sleeve/bolt system, HONSEL plastFIX offers the benefit of a secure joint thanks to the limited application of axial force to the plastic. At the same time, the concept guarantees a hard bolt joint with expansion of the bolt for the highest possible protection against loosening.

  • strain hardening of the sleeves guarantees high strengths
  • large radial clearance compensation between bolt and sleeve
  • maximum retraction of the bolt into the sleeve ensures a secure joining process
  • Bolt and sleeve are permanently joined together
  • large contact surface areas mean low surface pressures
  • high cleanliness demands can be satisfied


Today’s modules are delivered to the assembly line in complete subassemblies. HONSEL capFIX facilitates this trend. The specially designed composite ring is mounted onto the screw and guarantees a perfect and secure fit of metric screws from M5 to M10 in module made from metal.

  • bold height adjustable
  • radial play compensation
  • reusable

Application areas

  • cylinder head cover
  • intake manifold
  • oil pan
  • front cover (belt cover)
  • pump housing (water/oil)


Applications which, due to their design, involve NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) caused by vibrations of an adjoining part can now be effectively decoupled using HONSEL soundFIX. HONSEL soundFIX is used in plastic and metal modules.The captive elastomer ring insulates the part to be decoupled from the adjoining part by means of a sealing or additional elastomer.

  • no torsional moment on the elastomer
  • hard bolt joint
  • Preassembly possible
  • telescoping of the bolt prevents damage