Many brands. Many tools. One battery system.

Power for pros: AMPShare is the shared battery system that lets you run many tools from many pro brands with just one battery - powered by leading battery technology from Bosch Professional.

Wireless power

With innovative cordless tools "Made in Germany" for the professional user.

Our cordless tools offer the power of a compressed air rivet setting tool, only more compact, more flexible and without a hose package. New standards are constantly being defined on the market through continuous development.



Compatible since 2008: All Bosch Akkus Professional 18V/AMPShare Systems can be used with new and existing Bosch Professional tools of the same voltage class.

Enormous advantage for the user: All Bosch brand professional rechargeable batteries that have been purchased since 2008 - i.e. more than 80 million batteries - remain compatible. They can still be used in all professional tools from Bosch - and in future also in all tools of the AmpShare alliance.


Power Partner

The 18V battery platform AMPShare brings together over 20 high-quality brand manufacturers. So that tools from other professional brands can be used with a battery. For more compatibility and greater freedom.



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