Rivdom is smart. RivSmart.

Very small, very light and in touch with the world. With RivSmart you can now take the first step towards blind rivet processing of tomorrow - on the basis of decades of experience in the development of high-quality riveting tools and customised riveting automation technology. RivSmart can be easily integrated into our production processes, and with its documentation capabilities helps to optimise optimise and monitor production. For blind rivets up to 4.0 mm.

Processing blind rivets

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aluminum o
steel o
stainless steel A2 o
copper o
Artikelnr.: 2,0 2,4 3,0 3,2 4,0 4,8 5,0 6,0 6,4
aluminum o
steel o
stainless steel A2 o
copper o

Processing possible,   o Processing optional possible

Documented process monitoring

RivSmart is equipped with the DMSD-lite process monitoring system even in the standard version. Serious errors can already be detected here and the number of set fasteners counted.

Documentation takes the form of a process stamp containing information such as tool number, time stamp, number, error codes, and various stroke and force measurements in text format in separate process windows. Integration of the latest DMSD 2G process monitoring system with PLC interface directly into your corporate network is also possible as an option.

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Kompakte Abmessungen

Thanks to the removable transparent mandrel container, the tool can be further shortened for unrivalled ease of handling for even the most confined installation points.

Tool-free maintenance

Clamping jaws and nosepieces can be replaced quickly and easily on the spot.

Individual return mode setting

When using manual return mode, the trigger has to remain pressed until the rivet is sheared. When the trigger is released, the tool moves back to the front starting position.

In addition, Rivdom and RivSmart eBZ tools offer an automatic return mode. Here the trigger merely has to be pressed slightly to start the automatic setting process. Immediately after the drop in the measured force with the shearing of the rivet mandrel, the tool moves back automatically to the starting position to keep the riveting cycle as short as possible.

Automatic mandrel removal

No tiliting movement after the setting process necessary!

Retainer nosepieces ensure that the rivet cannot fall out of the tool. Very fast. Very comfortable.

Retainer nosepieces

Video with confirmation

You can watch this YouTube video directly on our website. We would like to point out that personal data (e.g. IP address) are transmitted to YouTube. Data protection.

Outstanding ergonomics

Rubberised universal handle for all hand sizes. Perfect housing geometry.

Rubberised universal handle from Rivdom eBZ ZERO and Rivdom eBZ ZERO S

The latest motor technology

Brushless and wear-free.

Practically all HONSEL battery riveters have modern brushless DC (BLDC) motors developed in-house. They guarantee a practically wear-free, very long life cycle. Low current consumption and reduced heat development increase the battery life and efficiency.

Brushless DC motor


Integrated stud holder.

Security feature: The cordless riveters from Honsel cannot be operated without mandrel container or cover cap.

Practical details

Belt clip (alternatively rivet application plate)

Cordless riveter with belt clip

Perfected battery management

The powerful HONSEL Li ion batteries are fully charged in less than 30 minutes – the 90%
charge is reached after only approx. 20 minutes – so that the charging cycle is always shorter
than the battery-consuming working time!

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Li-ion battery

Practical details

LED-illuminated riveting point

LED lamp from Rivdom eBZ ZERO and RivSmart eBZ ZERO S

Sturdy and flexible

The innovative system packaging solution. The new HONSEL L-Boxx is also compatible with the L-Boxxes from other manufacturers.

L-Boxx from Honsel

Technical facts

  • Working range: Blind rivets up to 4.0 mm diameter, all materials
  • Stroke: 20 mm
  • Working power: 6.800 N
  • Max. diameter of mandrel: 3.4 mm
  • Charging time: < 30 minutes
  • Weight incl. battery: 1.3 kg

Scope of delivery

  • 1x RivSmart eBZ ZERO S battery riveter with brushless motor in HONSEL L-Boxx®
  • 12V/2.0Ah Li ion battery with optical state-ofcharge indicator (number depending on variant)
  • 1x Rivdom-PLUS quick-charger
  • 4x standard nosepieces in box
  • 1x stud collector “S”
  • 1x each belt clip, hanger bracket, cover cap and rivet application plate

Art.-no. 320.200.000.000-010-1 (1x battery 12V)
Art.-no. 320.200.000.000-020-1 (2x battery 12V)

Extended warranty

Extended warranty. We are convinced of the quality of our HONSEL battery riveters. That is why we grant a 36-month manufacturer's warranty


Accessories and spare parts

genuine spare parts and accessories for your RivSmart eBZ ZERO S.

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Notification of updates

Get the most out of your HONSEL tool by being informed about the latest firmware updates.

Tool Update

The RivSmart App. Questions and answers. Manage your devices with the RivSmart Control Center.

RivSmart Control Center

Private Label

Use HONSEL quality tools completely in your company’s design. Impress your customers with your “own” tool, boost your sales and increase customer loyalty to your brand.

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