Angular rivet heads

Various angular rivet heads are available, on request, for mounting on the HONSEL BZ 103A in order to be able to set blind rivets even in places that are difficult to reach.

These angular rivet heads are designed for setting forces between 5.000 N and 9.200 N and have a stroke of between 12 and 17 mm.

Item no.
Angular rivet head 5000/12
5.000 N - 12 mm stroke
Height with nosepiece 85.6 mm
Width 24.0 mm - Length 117.0 mm
Item no
Angular rivet head 9200/17
9.200 N - 17 mm Stroke
Height with nosepiece 88.0 mm
Width 34.2 mm - Length 121.0 mm
For stainless steel blind rivets
up to 5.0 mm!!