Herstellung Motoren

Honsel customers move the world

Decades of experience in the complex support and delivery of almost all relevant automobile manufacturers and their suppliers is one of our core competencies.

In addition to the classic car manufacturers, there are also manufacturers of trucks, trailers and leisure vehicles.

Industry solutions: Car bodies

HONSEL supplies fasteners and processing tools for body applications as well as for the drive train - from the engine to the wheels.

Industry solutions: Powertrain Fasteners

We successfully face new challenges such as in the field of e-mobility and develop efficient concepts with and for our partners. Pioneering and cost-effective.

Industry solutions: E-Mobility

Auch abseits der Strasse betreuen wir Kunden, die Transportlösungen auf der Schiene oder in der Luft mit höchstem Anspruch an Qualität und Lieferperformance fertigen.

Branchenlösungen Fahrzeugbau