National technical approvals

General national technical approvals are required for many types of construction and construction products where no defined rules and standards exist, or where extreme deviations from these exist.

These serve as proof of their safe use in the intended applications and describe the necessary technical requirements for a construction.

In the field of blind rivet technology, for example, these are:

  • Aluminium substructures for solar energy installations
  • Longitudinal butt joints of corrugated sheets
  • Longitudinal butt joints of metal and corrugated plastic sheets
  • Production of sliding points on aluminium substructures

The blind rivets currently approved or undergoing approval from the product groups ALFO®, OPTO®, CERTO® and for folding blind rivets with neoprene seal are marked with the symbol opposite. For necessary documents and further information, please contact the specialists from our technical sales team directly.