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Blind rivet studs

A blind rivet stud consists of a blind rivet nut and a screw that are joined together by welding or crimping. Both parts can be produced in-house so that quick and flexible implementation of individual solutions in development and production is guaranteed.

Blind rivet studs offer multiple benefits:

  • of joining different parts reliably together, and
  • being able to integrate a thread carrier
  • to which a further component can be connected

The HONSEL-Group is one of the leading developers of blind rivet studs. RIFBOLT® blind rivet studs are working with the same principle of operation as blind rivet nuts. Hight-strength and splash water potected types and laser welded versions are only two of many innovative design ideas.

How does blind rivet studs work?

Blind rivet threaded studs principally work in the same way as blind rivet nuts. It is only necessary to replace the threaded mandrels of the setting device with threaded sleeves (interior threads).

The sleeve of the blind rivet stud is inserted into the prepared borehole and deformed by the stroke of the tool. Knurled types or versions with (partial) hexagonal shaft are available to decrease the danger of the fasteners rotation in the hole.

Group of blind rivet studs

1. RIFBOLT®-Blind rivet stud

2. Screwing into the device nose piece

Setting process for blind rivets studs - image 1

3. Insertion into the take-up hole of the workpiece

4. Riveting by tightening

Setting process for blind rivets studs - image 2

5. Spindling of the blind rivet stud

6. Lowering the installed RIFBOLT® blind rivet stud

Setting process for blind rivets studs - image 3

Processing blind rivet studs

Special tools are needed for processing blind rivet studs. These tools have to be chosen on the basis of the rivet type, the field of application and the processing volume.

As with all other blind rivet products, processing is possible on parts that are accessible from only one side and is quick without damaging the surface - for example, with our standard tools for blind rivet nuts from the VNG Series.

Blind rivet studs are an outstanding alternative to the classic welded stud/-bolt and are being increasingly used accordingly, also as substitution.

For the greatly risen demand for this safe, reliable and inexpensive assembly process in industrial series production, we have a wide range of products available from stock to meet needs at short notice.