Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning

The HONSEL-Group has been a full-service provider in the field of riveting technology for decades in the field of Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC). In addition to the entire blind rivet technology, this also includes blind rivet nuts and blind rivet studs as well as the complete range of self-clinching parts.

HONSEL also offers the associated processing tools for all fasteners - from manual pliers to pneumatic-hydraulic setting tools and battery-powered setting tools (also with process monitoring) to stationary riveting systems.

Special parts or products tailored to the customer's application are also part of our delivery program.

There are two challenges in HVAC technology that deserve special attention.

Challenge: Assembly

In the construction but also in the installation of assemblies (e.g. housings), different material thicknesses can be accommodated, e.g. B. Serial production (e.g. components plugged into one another) cannot be prevented. For such cases, HONSEL offers the multigrip blind rivet OPTO®. A rivet for "all cases". This fastener eliminates the error rate of using the wrong connector and reduces inventory.

Challenge: Condensation

Für Fälle, in denen besonders die Dichtigkeit in Folge von Kondenswasserentstehung gefordert ist, bietet HONSEL als Lösung den CERTO® Dichtblindniet. Dieser bietet aufgrund seiner in sich geschlossenen Ausführung des Nietkörpers Flüssigkeitsdichtigkeit.

If you want to combine both properties, we offer you the CERTO® PERFECT blind rivet.

Fasteners for climatization

The properties mentioned (liquid-tight or splash-proof and captive residual rivet mandrel) make the CERTO sealed blind rivet and the OPTO multigrip blind rivet the preferred fasteners in air conditioning and ventilation construction.

OPTO® multigrip blind rivet

The constructive structure of the OPTO multi-purpose blind rivet results in the following functional properties:

  • large clamping area
  • good borehole filling capacity
  • form-fit residual rivet mandrel locking
  • free from rattling noises
  • dust and splash water proof

Multigrip blind rivets OPTO

multigrip blind rivet OPTO

sealed blind rivet CERTO®

CERTO sealed blind rivets are liquid-tight due to the self-contained design of the rivet body.

Other characteristic properties of the rivet type are:

  • smooth burr-free closing head
  • Residual rivet mandrel captive due to closed rivet shank
  • well suited for automatic processing

sealed blind rivets CERTO

sealed blind rivet CERTO

Special sealed blind rivet CERTO® PERFECT

The CERTO PERFECT sealed blind rivet forms a large, even closing head thanks to its special clamping of the rivet sleeve. This ensures that the risk of a pull through if the holes in the component are drilled too large is greatly reduced.

Like all sealed blind rivets, the CERTO PERFECT is waterproof, has a captive rivet mandrel and is therefore ideal for air conditioning and ventilation construction.

Special sealed blind rivet CERTO PERFECT

Special sealed blind rivet CERTO PERFECT

Sealed blind rivet CERTO® HTS 100

Super-sealed blind rivet

The additional PTFE anti-friction coating in the area of the blind rivet sleeve achieves a higher seal between the blind rivet sleeve and the components to be connected. Resistance to chemical agents such as stain, solvents from paints, graffiti cleaners and cleaning agents containing solvents.

Sealed blind rivet CERTO HTS 100

Sealed blind rivet CERTO HTS 100
Battery riveter Rivdom eBZ 1
30 blind rivets in 60 seconds!


  • The new battery riveter for blind rivets up to 5.0 mm
    Small. Very strong. Very fast.
  • 30 blind rivets in 60 seconds!
  • The ideal tool for industrial series production.
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