[Translate to english:] Coils - auch als Drahtgewindeeinsätze bekannt
[Translate to english:] Coils von Honsel in Verpackungen
[Translate to english:] Automatisches Setzgerät für die Verarbeitung von Coils

Coils/coil threaded inserts

Coil threaded inserts or “coils” are an outstanding solution for achieving highstrength joints in parts made from low-strength materials (e.g. aluminium lightweight constructions). At the same time, high wear resistance is guaranteed. Furthermore, the inserts are ideally suited for the repair of damaged threads.

How does coils work?

Coils consist of a specially formed and coiled wire with a driver pin that can be removed after installation and can be fitted quickly and easily in just a few steps.

1. Drilling
The necessary bore is prepared using a twist drill selected for the diameter and pitch of the required coil size.

2. Cutting
The holding thread is cut into the bore using the HONSEL thread tap. We recommend the use of cutting oil here.

Processing coils image 1

3. Installation
The threaded insert is positioned on the HONSEL installation mandrel and screwed into the bore using the driver pin.

4. Breaking
Finally the driver pin is broken off using the tang break-off tool at the predetermined breaking point and removed.

Processing coils image 2

Processing coils

Very simple handling

ManualThe sturdy HONSEL universal handle and the matching tool kit allow flexible and mobile use on site.
Battery toolThe HONSEL quick-change adapter allows the tool kit to be used even with existing cordless screwdrivers.
AutomationWe also offer special automation solutions for individual demands in industrial series production