Group of threaded inserts (coils)

Threaded inserts - coils

HONSEL Coils create high strength connections in weaker materials. Wire thread inserts have been tried and tested in practice for decades.


HONSEL Coils are made of high-quality chrome-nickel steel. This material is the prerequisite for heavy-duty and wear-resistant threads with a low and constant thread friction.


With conventional screw connections, the first three threads bear most oft theload. HONSEL Coils solve this problem. The forces are distributed more evenly over the entire length of the screw which leads to a significantly more stable connection - especially with dynamically loaded applications.


Thanks to the high surface quality of the material, a wear-resistant and highly resilient thread with a very low and consistent friction is guaranteed. Compared to conventionally cut threads, the surface roughness is up to 85% lower and repeated fastener installation can have a higher and constant preload force with the same tightening torque. In addition, the yield point of highstrength screws can be targeted with significant more ease.

Installation process

Coils consist of a specially shaped and wound wire that can be assembled quickly and easily in just a few steps. The installation tab is removed after assembly.

Installation process

Technical explanations

  • Nominal length determination
  • Minimum wall thickness
  • Metric ISO standard and fine thread

Technical explanations