Coils - auch als Drahtgewindeeinsätze bekannt
Coils von Honsel in Verpackungen
Automatisches Setzgerät für die Verarbeitung von Coils

Customized Coils

Coils (threaded inserts) create high-strength joints in low-strength metallic materials and have been proven in practice for decades. HONSEL coils threaded inserts are available in a range of variants and are characterised by high wear resistance, low thread friction in close tolerances, high surface quality and outstanding corrosion and heat resistance.

HONSEL Coils „plus“

  • a high quality surface
  • robust mounting
  • easy handling - A tried and tested system

HONSEL Coils „poly-lock“

  • aditional polygon-shaped coil - screw gripping area
  • good friction connection - through this, unscrewing is prevented
  • cost reduction - possibility of managing without additional screw locking devices

HONSEL Coils „free“

  • no studs - time-saving assembly
  • installation is possible on both sides
  • low wear and tear of the tool

Coil facts

Standard/Specificationin accordance with DIN 8140-1 or specific solutions according to customer requirement.
Diameterfrom M5
Lengthup to 3 x d1 , HONSEL coils „free“ up to 2 x d1
Surfaceaccording to your individual requirement – just ask for it


HONSEL coils are made from high-quality chrome-nickel steel (X5CrNi18-10). This material grade is the precondition for threads with high load-bearing strength, wear resistance and a low and constant thread friction torque. By contrast with conventional threads, a higher and constant preload force can be achieved with the same tightening torque even with repeat tightenings. Furthermore, better use can be made of the yield strength of high-strength screws. Furthermore, the surface roughness is up to 85 % lower by comparison with conventionally cut threads.

High load-bearing strength

With conventional screw fittings, the main load is exerted on the first three threads. HONSEL coils solve this problem. The main load is distributed uniformly over the whole length of the bolt and thus leads to significantly more stable screw joints – particularly with screws subject to dynamic loads.

Application examples

  • Structural aluminium castings
  • Machine adjusting screws
  • Castings
  • Exhaust manifolds
  • Repeat tightenings (oil sumps, etc.)

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