Development and engineering at Honsel

Development and engineering

HONSEL and the eye for something new. The basis for our success is the continuous search for new possibilities, always looking out for perfect solutions. We recognise the potentials for fastener and processing concepts, put these into practice and optimise them continuously.


HONSEL sees itself as a development partner for its customers who not seldom provide the stimulus for innovative and cost-efficient results. On this basis, our engineers together with the product management team constantly come up with sophisticated ideas for new products.

In doing so, we also divert from familiar paths in order to meet even the most individual demands. After evaluation of the feasibility, implementation is carried out by experienced design engineers at modern CAD workstations, in prototype production and in-house 24/7 endurance tests. The latest processes, such as finite element simulations, are also available for validation.

Further development

One the other hand, our application technicians are permanently engaged in the optimisation of the existing product range.

This is where tests and analyses are carried out, customer feedback is evaluated and the know-how from the sales and service team is taken into consideration, reviewed and verified. The results then go directly into the production at the various production sites.

Fasteners and fastening

A wide range of fasteners for the extensive standard product range with over 1000 sizes or customised fastener elements for large-scale series production?

Hand-held tools, such as the successful Rivdom® and RivSmart® battery riveters with a vast array of accessory options or complex, fully automated systems and components with process monitoring for industry?

HONSEL will work with you and the experts in our central and local offices to develop the most individual, efficient and cost-effective - in short ... the perfect solution for your application.