Finite elements

Customized parts

Sleeves or studs that are perfectly suited to plastic sheathing due to their very low tolerances are commonplace in the HONSEL production. The ability to combine metal forming and plastic sheathing in-house is a typical HONSEL feature. In this case the sheathed knurling system has been developed such that particularly high tightening forces can be achieved.

HONSEL combines many years of experience in cold forming with a complex manufacturing depth. Special machining operations, knurlings and special types of finishing allow the right solutions to be found for many customised development projects.

Even asymmetric geometries with the highest forming rates are challenges that HONSEL successfully masters at all times to the benefit of the customer. Furthermore, in-house developed feeder systems offer economically attractive finishing possibilities for the further processing.

Beyond standard: HONSEL customized parts

All HONSEL products are parts developed individually for the customer that are produced in large quantities during the course of cold forming. But time and again, projects come along where HONSEL can contribute the whole bandwidth of possible in-house production methods. Even at the development stage, HONSEL engineers can assess the general feasibility of products thanks to their decades of experience in cold forming.

The subsequent design work in which all relevant methods such as finite elements simulations are used generally leads to the production of prototypes.

Thanks to the in-house development department and toolmaking shop, HONSEL can supply pre-series products here in a minimum of time, on the basis of which the further planning processes can be coordinated with the customer.

During the subsequent series production, too, it is a HONSEL benefit that relevant processing steps such as partial annealing and hardening, cutting and plastic sheathing or individual parts can be carried out in-house.

This results in the short reaction times for which HONSEL is renowned.