HONSEL helps ...

... whenever you need support with using rivet products! A wide range of issues can be summarized from daily business, which can be checked quickly and easily by the user on site.

Some of these tipps and hints we have collected for you on the following pages.

General tips

Tip 1: Make sure that the used tool and the rivet is always straight to drilling direction.

Tip 2: The componants need to be fix and without interspace on top of each other.

Tip 3: The exact setting of a rivet highly depends on a correct drill hole. Make sure, that the drill hole…

  • has the required Diameter,
  • is even,
  • is round,
  • is not conical,
  • is deburred.

For quick advice please hold following information available:

  • Customer number
  • HONSEL order number
  • Ship date 
  • Complete article number
  • Batch number
  • Frequency of error
  • Grip range 
  • The drill hole's diameter
  • Which tools do you work with (manufacturer and type)?
  • For which work fields has the tool been approved?
  • Have the right mouthpieces or threaded mandrels been assembled?