HONSEL blind rivet nuts

Customer requirements of blind rivet nuts are just as varied and the customers themselves. HONSEL has been manufacturing blind rivet nuts in all feasible variants for decades. On the basis of this vast experience and the countless successful customer projects that it has implemented, HONSEL can justifiably claim to be the leading specialist for blind rivet nuts, both in Germany and other countries.

The production facility’s location in Fröndenberg, between the Ruhr region and Sauerland, is another advantage for customers because of its proximity to them, which means guaranteed fast deliveries. Our in-house development team is familiar with our customers and their requirements. We also have a special-purpose mechanical engineering department that can supply reliable automation solutions with the products when required. In other words, HONSEL manufactures a fully comprehensive portfolio of „Made in Germany“-quality products and solutions.

Flat heads

The classic head form, universal in application, with high availability and in a broad spectrum of materials and versions.

  • Large bearing area
  • Hole reinforcement for soft workpieces

Small countersunk heads

During the processing of blind rivet nuts with small countersunk head, separate countersinking of the bore before riveting is generally not necessary. An almost flush contact surface is produced. Completely flush riveting is possible in soft materials.

Customized heads

The design of the head forms going far beyond the known standard is practically unlimited. With the vast experience of thousands of applications, we are constantly developing new and customised geometries that can be given additional functions, such as the centering of components or use as spacers.

Shank designs

In addition to the classic smooth round shaft, various shaft forms offer the possibility in particular of increasing the twist resistance in the component.


Hexagon-shaped shank for excellent spin-out force resistance and high yield strength


Half-hexagonal shank for high spin-out force resistance

Round, knurled

For improved torque in soft workpieces (aluminium, plastic)

Round, smooth shank

For standard applications.

Under and over-head serration

Apart from the different shaft forms mentioned above, increased twist resistance can also be achieved, particularly in soft parts, by the use of serrations under the head of the blind rivet nut. Serrations on the top of the head can reliably lock components lying on the head.

Long chamfers

In order to optimise the fully automatic feeding process for blind rivet nuts, we manufacture for example particularly long chamfers individually to meet customers’ requirements.


And to meet the growing demand from many customers for gas-tight and water-tight screw threads, HONSEL offers various solutions for the perfect gas-tight or water-tight joint.

We supply neoprene rings either loose or preassembled by machine. HONSEL also develops blind rivet nuts where the seal on the underside of the head is injection moulded so that a positive locking fit is created between component and screw thread during riveting. The seal is recessed under the head so that optimum contact between blind rivet nut and component is assured after the riveting process.

Application examples

  • Frontends
  • Bumpers
  • Roof rails
  • Longitudinal beams
  • Side skirts
  • Battery holders
  • Registration plate fixtures


The HONSEL experts from all the departments in our company are at your disposal with advice and assistance and will be happy to support you in meeting your requirements. Ask us!


HONSEL automation has development and production operations at its Fröndenberg facility. Every single step of the production process, from the customer briefing to the initial CAD-designs, the prototypes and the ready-to-manufacture products


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