Structural blind rivet nuts

The HONSEL “HOCHFEST” (structural) technology allows a significant increase in the load-bearing strength of the thread. This ensures that in the event of mechanical overloading, a bolt of strength class 12.9 (“HOCHFEST” steel) or 8.8 (“HOCHFEST” aluminium) fails far earlier than the HONSEL blind rivet nut.

This ensures greater safety in all applications where higher mechanical demands are necessary.

"Hochfest" steel

"Hochfest" aluminium


  • An alternative to welding nuts or piercing nuts
  • Absorbs high torques and axial tensile forces
  • Efficient processing
  • Weight saving
  • Pedigree recycling possible (particularly with aluminium)
  • Corrosion-resistant

Available versions

Shaft shapes

  • Fully hexagonal
  • Partially hexagonal
  • geschlossene Ausführungen
  • Round shaft
  • Closed embodiments


  • Flat head
  • Small countersunk head
  • Countersunk head
  • Large head