Accessories and spare parts BZ 123A

For smooth operation of our pneumatic tools, please be sure to observe the information in our operating manuals!

No.Item no.Description
5321121000016Front sleeve
6321102000006Mandrel capture comple
7321102000007Release valve
12321101000027Oil drain plug including o-ring
20321102000017Closing cap mandrel capture
27321122000023M14 x 1.5 capture nut
28321121000014Vacuum nozzle
No.Item no.Description
39321102000036Pressure spring trigger
50321120000014O-ring 150x20 NBR 90°Shore
66311045000013Pressure spring clamping mechanism
67321120000012Clamping sleeve
68321120000011Clamping jaws (1 set = 3 pcs)
69321120000010Guide sleeve
71321082000010Mandrel collector
-321221000065Extended mandrel container

Standard nosepieces

Item no.Description
321120000124Standard nosepiece 4.0 mm
321120000125Standard nosepiece 4.8/5.0 mm
321120000126Standard nosepiece 6.0 mm
321120000127Standard nosepiece 6.4 mm

Special nosepieces

For recessed riveting points

Item no.Description
321123940070Extended nosepiece (7 mm) 4.0 mm
321123950070Extended nosepiece (7 mm) 4.8/5.0 mm
321123960070Extended nosepiece (7 mm) 6.0 mm
321123964070Extended nosepiece (7 mm) 6.4 mm
321123940200Extended nosepiece (20 mm) 4.0 mm
321123950200Extended nosepiece (20 mm) 4.8/5.0 mm
321123960200Extended nosepiece (20 mm) 6.0 mm
321123964200Extended nosepiece (20 mm) 6.4 mm

For 5.2/6.3 mm folding blind rivets

Item no.Description
321123716052Nosepiece for folding blind rivets 5.2 mm
321123716063Nosepiece for folding blind rivets 6.3 mm

For 5.0 mm large dome head blind rivets

Item no.Description
321120000511Facade nosepiece head 11.0 mm
321120000514Facade nosepiece head 14.0 mm
321120000516Facade nosepiece head 16.0 mm

For FERO-BOLT structural blind rivets

Item no.Description
361121008401Nosepiece FERO-BOLT 4.8 mm
361121008601Nosepiece FERO-BOLT 6.4 mm

Special nosepieces can be produced at short notice for specific customer applications.

Extended front sleeves

Extended front sleeves are ideally suited for reaching recessed riveting positions.

Extended front sleeves

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Pneumatic accessories for BZ and VNG tools

No.Item no.Description
1321121000053-3-1Angular pivoting fitting aluminium incl hose with 1/8" outside thread and hose coupling
2321121000053-1-1Pivoting threaded pipe angle, aluminium
3321121000053-2-1Pivoting threaded pipe angle, stainless steel
4321121000021Valve extension R1/8" inside thread R1/4" outside thread
5321121000057Screw-in hose connector -set- G 1/4" 6 mm
6321121000058Screw-in hose connector -set- G 1/4" 9 mm
Nn.Item no.Description
7320848000009Plug connection 7 mm G 3/8" for compressed-air sevice unit
8320848000012Plug connection 7 mm G 1/4" for pivoting threaded pipe angle
9320848000010Coupling G 1/4"
10320848000004Pressure controller 7 bar
11321101006467Oil re-fill unit for all tools of BZ- and VNG-series
12320848000005Compressed air spiral hose incl coupling and plug connection - length 4 m
12320848000006Compressed air spiral hose incl coupling and plug connection - length 6 m
12320848000008Compressed air spiral hose incl coupling and plug connection - length 8 m

Characteristics of the compressed air used

Important for maintaining a good performance and avoiding damage are the characteristics of the compressed air used.

  • clean
  • dry
  • Contains oil (VNG devices)
  • Condensation hinders the lubrication and causes corrosion inside the tool!
  • The motors have to be continuously lubricated.

For BZ tools water trap / pressure reducer

Filter pressure regulator G3/8" with manometer, plastic protective cage, mounting bracket, G3/8" plug connection and quick-coupler.

Item no. 320848000001

320848000003Replacement filter for filter regulator
3208480000111 litre of pneumatic motor oil
321101000091Wind deflector BZ tools