Setting tool for blind rivets BZ 133A

Pneumatic-hydraulic | with permanent and intermittent extraction

Special high-strength FERO® BULB blind rivets (and similar types) are set easily and reliably by the combination of short stroke and very high setting force (24,000 N!).

The powerful specialist for high-strength blind rivets up to 8 mm diameter!

Processing blind rivets

Artikelnr.: 2,4 3,0 3,2 4,0 4,8 5,0 6,0 6,4 8,0
stainless steel A2
Artikelnr.: 2,4 3,0 3,2 4,0 4,8 5,0 6,0 6,4 8,0
stainless steel A2

Processing possible,   o Processing optional possible

Family facts

Very flat standard nosepieces for optimum setting.

standard nosepiece for a pneumatic blind rivet gun.

Individual setting possibilities for the extractor.

Nosepieces stored directly in the base of the tool.

Nosepieces and setting possibilities at the bottom of the setting tool.

High-quality, durable plastic housing.

Plastic housing

Multiple compressed air connections to ensure the right working position for right-handed and left-handed users at all times. Cover

Connections for compressed air.

Cover cap for reliable blind rivet setting without collecting bin.

Cover cap

Large, sturdy collecting bottle for sheared blind rivet mandrels.

Collecting bin for rivet mandrels

Integrated hanger bracket for working with balancer.

Hanger bracket

Sturdy and flexible

The innovative system packaging solution. The new HONSEL L-Boxx is also compatible with the L-Boxxes from other manufacturers.

All pneumatic tools in the HONSEL L-Boxx®

Technical specifications

  • Weigt: 2,34 kg
  • Stroke: 18 mm
  • max.mandrel-ø: 4,8 mm
  • Pressure: 5-7 bar
  • Working power at 7 bar: 24.000 N
  • Noise: < 75 dB(A)
  • Air consumption: 3,5 litre
  • Hose connection: G 1/4 inside, installation left or right side

Scope of delivery

  • 1x BZ 133A pneumatic-hydraulic riveter in HONSEL L-Boxx®
  • 4 nose pieces
  • 1 set of clamping jaws
  • 1 bottle hydraulic oil / incl. re-fill unit
  • 2 mandrel collectors

Item no. 320133000000

Accessories and spare parts

Axial setting

Special hanger bracket for vertical operation of HONSEL setting tools

Axial setting